House of Memories

Dementia awareness training for health and social care professionals

Health care worker at a House of Memories dementia awareness training day

What is it?

A one day training workshop that uses live drama to tell the stories of people living with dementia, and provides skills and resources for health and social care staff to help people to live well with dementia.

A museum-led programme, the session centres on the fantastic objects, archives and life stories held within National Museums Liverpool. During the session, people will learn about:

  • How to use memory resources to communicate with people living with dementia – to support and encourage the sharing of their life stories, and to help see the person not the condition.
  • Memory activities and resources that are available from House of Memories – such as memory boxes, memory trees, and museum memory walks.
  • My House of Memories app – designed with and for people living with dementia, the app provides a free and easy way to do memory sharing at home, in residential care homes, or any setting.

Who is it for?

The workshop is aimed at staff working in the health, social care and housing sectors, who work regularly with people living with dementia. For family and volunteer carers, there is a separate workshop, dementia awareness for family carers.


The dementia awareness for the health and social care sector workshops are run twice a year in the Museum of Liverpool, in spring and autumn.