House of Memories


people looking at objects and laughing at dementia awareness training day

The award-winning House of Memories dementia awareness programme was created by National Museums Liverpool.

It provides health, social care, housing professionals and family carers with unique and innovative training, and resources inspired by museum collections, to help people to live well with dementia.

National Museums Liverpool is committed to social inclusion, and believes that museums have the power to change lives. House of Memories is an innovative programme of training, activities and resources that helps National Museums work towards being more inclusive.

With eight museums and galleries, National Museums Liverpool is the only group of national museums outside of London. The museums have collections that are among the most important and varied in Europe, and contain everything from impressionist paintings and rare beetles to a lifejacket from the Titanic.

National Museums Liverpool provides access to members of the public to promote enjoyment and understanding of art, history and science.

National Museums Liverpool believes that museums can change lives through educational activities, links with local communities and through programmes such as House of Memories.

National Museums Liverpool comprises eight venues:

Charitable status

House of Memories is part of National Museums Liverpool, which is a charity.  All your donations go to fund our work, helping us to provide training, activities and resources to help people to live well with dementia. If you are a UK income tax payer you can Gift Aid your donations. 

National Museums Liverpool is a non-departmental public body (NDPB), regulated by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), which provides the majority of our revenue funding. Museums and galleries regulated by DCMS are exempt charities under Schedule 3 of the Charities Act 2011.

If you'd like to support us you can make a donation, leave a gift in your will or sponsor us.