House of Memories

Evaluation and reports

memorabilia at a House of Memories reminiscence event

Making a difference

The House of Memories programme exists to make a difference to the lives of people living with dementia and their carers, through the range of dementia awareness training, resources and memory activities that we deliver.

House of Memories is committed to getting feedback from the people who attend our dementia awareness training and other activities, and use questionnaires to find out what people think about our training and other events.

In addition to questionnaires, House of Memories has commissioned researchers from the Institute of Cultural Capital (ICC) to externally evaluate the work that we do, which helps us to gauge the value of the programme.

We have published several reports on our dementia awareness training and more recently our pilot Train the Trainer programme, to share findings with partners, funders, and participants.

Download the following evaluation reports about House of Memories: