House of Memories

Meet the team

Claire Benjamin

Claire Benjamin

Claire is responsible for the strategic development of the acclaimed House of Memories programme, as well as wider education and community health and wellbeing initiatives across National Museums Liverpool.

Dawn Carroll

Dawn Carroll

As the relationship programme manager for House of Memories, Dawn's main role is to develop partnerships and networks across the museum, health and social care sectors. Dawn currently leads on digital content development for the My House of Memories app.

Jo Connor, education team

Jo Connor

Jo assists in the training days with the facilitation of the memory suitcase, memory box or House of Memories app. Jo has worked on developing the memory suitcase content for dockers and seafarers.

Sophia Field, visitor host

Sophia Field

Sophia delivers the memory walks, memory suitcase and object handling activity during the House of Memories training days. She also provides additional support in setting up, welcoming delegates and hospitality.

Emma Furness, visitor host

Emma Furness

Emma delivers public activities aimed at older people, including the meet me at the museum sessions, which use reminiscence to engage with people, helping them to share memories and enjoy each others company.

Jacqui Graham-Jones

Jacqui Graham-Jones

Jacqui is the first point of contact for partners and stakeholders interested in finding out more about House of Memories. She plays an integral role in the project management and co-ordination of House of Memories events, including managing the busy bookings team who deal with House of Memories training bookings.

Brian Hallett

Brian Hallett 

Brian has extensive experience of designing and delivering innovative content for training and development programmes. Brian regularly delivers training on behalf of House of Memories, demonstrating how House of Memories training and activities can increase the confidence of carers, improve communication with those living with dementia, and provide resources to support people to live well with dementia.

Sarah Han, education team

Sarah Han

Sarah regularly uses handling objects in her education sessions at the Seized! gallery in Merseyside Maritime Museum to promote discussion and enquiry. She uses this experience during the House of Memories programme to encourage participants and increase confidence and communication with those living with dementia.

Jillian Ireland, visitor host

Jillian Ireland

Jillian delivers public activities aimed at older people, including the meet me at the museum sessions, which use reminiscence to engage with people, helping them to share memories and enjoy each others company.

Laura Jennings

Laura Jennings

Laura provides administrative support to the House of Memories team, which includes diary management and dealing with arrangements for meetings and travel, as well as financial record keeping, and assisting with the organisation of House of Memories events.

Chris Kerfoot, education team

Chris Kerfoot

Chris introduces and presents the House of Memories programme. With experience of delivering memory walks, and reminiscence and object handling sessions, Chris can demonstrate how to use museum objects to support people living with dementia.

Emma Riley

Emma Riley

Emma develops and delivers marketing and communications for House of Memories – sharing our work, engaging partners and building relationships both online and offline.

Carol Rogers

Carol Rogers

Carol is the Executive Director for Education and Visitors for National Museums Liverpool, and her busy role encompasses education and community participation, visitor services, fundraising, and marketing and communications. Carol plays a leading role in driving and developing House of Memories, and she is passionate about developing dementia friendly activity within museums, as well as resources for people living with dementia, and their carers, to use at home or other locations.

Emma Walmsley, education team

Emma Walmsley

Part of the delivery team for House of Memories since 2012, Emma helps to lead the memory suitcase, House of Memories app and memory box activities.

Steven Williams, education team

Steven Williams

Whether explaining how to use the My House of Memories app, taking you on a memory walk or explaining how to deliver a simple reminiscence session, Steven is happy to share his experiences of visiting various care settings, and can help to explain how reminiscence activities can be adapted to work in different situations. 

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