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Easter holidays at Museum of Liverpool

Children playing

Kids at play in 1950s. Image © Karl Hughes ARPS 1901-1979 courtesy of Suzanne Lawton

For some of you you’re half way through it and for others it’s about to start but in either case the words school holidays can strike panic in the heart of any parent!


Growing up in the City is a brilliant exhibition to bring children to during their school holidays. Featuring more than 20 photographs from National Museums Liverpool’s collections, it depicts childhood in Liverpool from 1880s to 1990s.

From a young Victorian house servant to children looking at the rubble remains of Second World War bomb damage, there are a number of images in this exhibition which convey the harsh realities of childhood in previous decades. Kids might think twice about moaning when you ask them to make their bed when they see how tough life really was for children of their age not so long ago!

Two children playing by water

Two boys enjoy messing about on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in the 1950s. Image © Karl Hughes ARPS 1901-1979 courtesy of Suzanne Lawton.

But they will also see images of wonderful images of children playing in the street, poking about in the Leeds to Liverpool canal and other scenes which perhaps demonstrate some of the freedoms of childhood we’ve lost today.

There may be images which trigger memories of your own time growing up. The exhibition provides a great opportunity to share these with your kids, reminding them you were a child once too. Kids love to hear the childhood secrets of the grownups they know. My daughter regularly insists on hearing the naughtiest thing I ever did when I was a child. She thinks she knows it all but of course I’m not going to ever tell her the real stuff (she has enough ideas of her own).


Collect your rucksack from the information desk. Image © Robin Clewley

When I was Little is our kit for grandparents visiting with their grandchildren, but can be used by anyone caring for younger relatives. Ask for one of our rucksacks at the information desk and use the special objects we have put together to explore the Museum, helping you to share your own stories along the way.

There are plenty of fun events at the Museum of Liverpool during school holidays. Find out more about these and more at National Museums Liverpool on the website.

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