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Five reasons to create a memory tree poster this World Alzheimer's Month

Image: Showcasing a completed memory tree © National Museums Liverpool

September is World Alzheimer’s Month, an international campaign to raise awareness and challenge the stigma that surrounds dementia.

We’ve put together five reasons why creating a memory tree poster is a great activity to mark World Alzheimer’s Month.

  1. Making a memory tree is a wonderful creative activity to do together. Create a collage using original items from a person’s life or replicas which remind them of the past. Encourage the person to feel ownership of what they are creating – allowing them to decide how to display items.

  2. Memory trees can be completed over a period of time as a longer term project. The process of creating a tree is as important as the end result, and the poster can be considered a work in progress as you continue to add new pictures, words or memorabilia.

  3. A memory tree is a tool that can be used to learn about each other’s interests. Think about the things that matter to the individual, and whether there is a particular theme or interest they would like to focus on – for example football, music, or family and friends.

  4. A completed memory tree poster can be used to prompt conversations about a loved one’s life history, or parts of their life that you may not know a lot about such as school days, family holidays or going to work.

  5. Memory trees also work well displayed in care settings because they can tell you more about who the person living with dementia is, helping professional carers to connect with the person. For someone meeting the person for the first time, a memory tree poster is a great way of getting an instant snapshot of who that person is, and their life, thoughts and feelings.

Memory tree posters can be purchased from the House of Memories online shop.

Alternatively, you can complete a digital memory tree, memory box or timeline using the My House of Memories app.


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