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We would like to hear from you if you are interested in bringing House of Memories to your organisation and region. We are keen to work with museum partners across the UK to help us share and deliver our national House of Memories programme.

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Case study: New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, Leicester Museums

"We had the opportunity in 2014 to do some work to deliver the House of Memories training for social carers. It enabled us to develop a number of objects and resources that we now have the legacy of in our museums. That was the start of our dementia related journey.

The partnership was crucial for the development of New Walk Museum and Art Gallery reminiscence and memory-related programmes, and it aligned well with our city’s growing dementia agenda. New Walk Museum and Art Gallery built on the credibility of House of Memories and on its national profile in order to foster recognition across different sectors and networks in dementia caring. I think that probably really helped us and accelerated our journey. The work had a huge impact on the health and social care professionals. It was a really powerful training - people are still talking about it.

Being able to continue to work with the House of Memories model has enabled us to build on the legacy of the resources that were developed. Leicester is an extremely diverse community and it is vital that our resources and our work reflect the demographics of the city. We developed an Asian memory suitcase which was assembled by consulting with the community. We were keen to develop an African Caribbean box too, and have been able to do this as part of our recent collaboration.

As a result of the initial project work with House of Memories, our aspirations and knowledge are growing. We were recently awarded capital funding to make changes to some of our sites to improve the experience for people living with dementia. We have also received funding to create a dementia garden in the grounds of one of our museum sites, Abbey Pumping Station."

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