House of Memories

Create a memory box

box with lots of memorabilia - old photos, comics, clothes, games

A memory box is a great resource to help trigger memories for people living with dementia. You can create a memory box by getting together things from a person’s past that have meaning for them – this can be:

  • photos of friends and family,
  • toys or games,
  • football scarves, or
  • records by their favourite singer.

Then you can store them in a memory box, or memory bag, to use with your loved one to talk about the things that they care about.

Useful items to collect are ones that involve different senses, such as smell, hearing, movement and taste, as these are really good at triggering memories.

You can create your own memory box at home, or you can buy nostalgia packs or a ready made memory box from the House of Memories shop.