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Create a memory tree

memory tree poster with old photos stuck on

Creating a memory tree is a great way of collecting a person's memories, and is a tool that can be used for starting conversations, learning about each other, and capturing things that resonate with people living with dementia.

A memory tree is a picture of a tree where you can add pictures or words that help trigger memories, or display some key things about who the person with dementia is. The trees should be made together so you can talk about what things are important and whether there’s a particular theme, like family holidays, music, or football, to focus on.

Memory trees can be done over a period of time – the process of creating the memory tree is as important as the end result, although the tree can be used on many occasions to start conversations with the person you are caring for.

You can buy a memory tree poster from the House of Memories shop, or you can make your own at home.